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RC Apache AH-64 helicopter

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RC Apache AH-64 helicopter Description :

Vogue AH-64 II R/C Model helicopter copies and reduces Apache AH-64 LONGBOW helicopter
It can copy its suspending action, left & right yawing basic actions and soon
It is designed with the same axis and double propellers reverse
Up propeller can balance the fuselage when it makes raise force
Down propeller can make the different speed and change the angle of the propeller when it makes raise force
The same axis and the double propellers reverse design will balance out the torsion so that the helicopter can fly more steadily and agilely
It is adopted high strength and quality material
It copies the real fuselage design
It has a good appearance with good ability to resist falling

Full function remote contrlled
2 Channels control ( 2 motion channels, up/ down and right/ left )
Fuselage length: 380mm
Overall: 125mm
Motor: 180upm
Overall height: 170mm
Overall weight: 250g
Main rotor length: 340mm/ 375mm
helicopter's battery: 8.4V 350mAh

RC Apache AH-64 helicopter Package included:

1 x Apache helicopter
1 x Remote control
1 x US charger
1 x User manual
1 x Battery