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Wireless Universal Bluetooth Headset

    We are professional enterprise manufacturer & supplier of a complete range of Universal Bluetooth Headset. Our top quality Bluetooth Headset are based on years of research and development and under the guideline of ISO9001-2000 quality system and CE and UL certified.

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    Bluetooth Wireless Headset

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    Brand New

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Bluetooth Headset Wireless Universal Description :

New Wireless Universal Bluetooth Headset
Brand new Bluetooth V2.0 Wireless Headset. Ultra fashion, compact and light-weight design. Come with two replacement covers (Black and red), change its appearance anytime, and make you feel like to hold three beautiful headsets. It is design for all Bluetooth V2.0 enabled cell phones / PDA/ PC or Bluetooth V2.0 enabled other devices. Supported Bluetooth headset and hands-free profiles, use conveniently whenever working or relaxing. Use & Pair this with your Bluetooth installed PC/Notebook; you could call and talk via Skype or other internet call systems at very low cost! Advanced technologies in Echo cancellation & Noise reduction insure the good sound quality.

1. Easy to use single-button interface and separated volume control buttons.
2. By using a single multifunction key, can voice dial, re-dial, answer calls, reject, hold or end calls without even touching the phone.
3. Indicate light displays the operation mode and the battery status.
4. Automatically connect to paired phones with 10 meters range.
5. Talk Time: up to 4.5 hours & Standby Time: more than 150 hours.
6. The comfortable, detachable earplug can be rotated 360 degrees, which fits perfectly and securely over either ear and gives ultra high quality sound.
G688 Bluetooth headset with US standard charger
Wireless frequency:2.4GHz-2.480GHz
Receiver's sensitivity:-18 ~ -50dBm
Working distance range:6-10 meters
Function:Last Number Redial / Voice Dial, Answer/End / Reject calls, volume control.
Power: 100-240V
Operating voltage:5.5-5.7V
Charging Time: approx within 2 hours
Standby Time: approx. 100 - 150hours.
Talk Time:Approx. 2 - 4.5 hours
Battery: 60mAh Bluetooth weight:11g (headset only)
Dimension: approx. 4.9 x 1.1 x 1.8cm

Compatible with ( Please Press " Ctrl + F" To Find Part Number ):
Apple: iPhone
270c A1200 A630 A830 E1000 E815 KRZR K1 L6 L7082 L7089 P7382 P7382i P7389 P7389i SLVR L7c L7 L7e L7i L71 MPx220 P280 U6 Q9m Verizon Moto Q9h (GSM) RAZR V3 V3i V3a V3c V3m V3XX M1 RIZR Z3 Z8 ROKR E1 E2 Z6 V195 V197 IZAR V400 V400p V500 V505 V525 V535 V540 V545 V547 V550 V551 V555 V557 E550 V60c V60ci V60g V60gi V60i V60ic V60p V60t V60ti V60x V600 V620 V635 V66 V710 V8 V80 V810 V878 V9 V9m W385 i580 V195s K1m k1 L2 A1000 A780 A835 A910 A925 C390 E398 E770v T280i i605 615 i870 i875 i880 ic902
2366i 2865i 3600 3620 3650 3660 5300 6085 6086 6102i 6103 6126 6131 6133 6165 6200 6220 6225 6230 6256i 6255i 6260 6265i 6275i 6280 6310 6310i 6300 6315i Pantech PN-E330 6555 6600 6610 6610i 6620 6651 6670 6681 6682 6800 6810 6820 7200 7210 7250 7250i 7280 7370 7373 7380 7390 7610 7710 8600 LUNA 8800 8801 9300 9500 E61i E61 E62 E65 E70 N73 N75 N76 N80 N90 N91 N93 N95 N-Gage 3230 3250 6021 6111 6270 6630 6650 6680 6822 7600 7700 8910 8910i E60 QD N70 N71 N92
A303 A437 A503 A513 A517 A640 A707 SYNC ZX30 A717 A727 A870 A900 A920 A930 A940 A950 A960 A970 A990 C416 C417 D307 D347 D357 D407 D500 D600 D807 D806 D900 E720 i607 i730 i830 PDA i760 M300 M500 M510 M520 M610 M620 R200 R500 R510 T329 T409 T509 T509s T519 T539 Beat T619 T629 T719 T729 T809 U410 U420 U470 U520 U540 U620 U740 U750 X820 ZX20 E530 E620 E730 E760 E770 E880 i300 i300x S500i Z500 Z130 Z140 Z300 Z320i ZM60 A740 IP-830W
Sony Ericsson:
K550 W610 K700 K700i K790a K800i P800 P802 P900 P910 P910a P990 P990i S700 S700i s710a T28 T28z World T39 T39m R320sc R520m T608 T610 T616 T630 T637 T68 T68i W300i Z530 W580i S500i W600c W600i W550i w710 K750i V600i W700 W800i W810i W950i Z520 Z520a Z600 D750i K600i K608i P910i V800 W900i Z520i Z800i
Blackberry: 7100 7100T 7100v 7100x 7105 7130e 7130c 7130g 7250 7270 7290 7520 7780 8100 Pearl 8300 8320 Curve 8700 8700c 8700f 8700g 8700r 8700v 8703e 8705g 8800 8820 8830
F2400 P7200 S5200 U8210 U8290 U8360 U8380 U880 CU400 CU500 VX8300 VX8500 CHOCOLATE VX8600 VX8700 VX9400 VX9800 VX9900 LX350 AX355 UX355 AX380 WAVE AX490 CU320 CU575 TRAX KG800 KG810 LX150 LX160 LX550 Fusic LX-570 LX570 Muziq PM325 AX245 VX6100 VX8100 VX8350 VX8550
Palm: Tungsten T5 PDA 650 680 700p 700w 700wx 750 750v 755p
3200 6600 Katana 6650 II 7050 8400 8500 DLX M1 S750 S750i KATANA SCP8400
i-mate: JAM Pocket PC PDA2k Pocket PC SP3 SP3i Qtek 8080 JAMin JASJAR K-JAM PDA2 SP5 SP5m
S55 S56 S65 S66 SX66 C81 CF61 CL71 EF51 EF61 EF81 EF91 EL71 P51 S68 S88 MDA III PDA2k ( Blue Angel) PDA CX75 M75 S75 SK65 SL75 SP65 SX1
Sharp: 703 802 902 903 GX15 GX17 GX25 GX-30 GX30i GX-32 Danger Sidekick 3
Panasonic: VS6 X70 X700
NEC: 411i e616 NEX-2600
UTStarcom: CDM1450 Super Slice XV6800 PPC6800 Titan CDM8935 G'zOne Type-S
Sagem: my301X my302X myV76 myX-8 myX6-2
Orange: C550 M1000 M1500 M2000 M3000 M500 M5000 SPV C500 SPV C600 SPV E200


What You Get Wireless Universal Bluetooth Headset :
1 x Bluetooth headset
1 x USB charger cable
1 x USB charger (US Standard plug)
1 x Hanger
2 x Earbud's cover
1 x Bluetooth's cover (black)
1 x Bluetooth's cover (red)
1 x User manual