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Uniden Bt-905 1800mah Nimh Battery

    We are professional enterprise manufacturer & supplier of a complete range of Uniden Bt-905 1800mah Nimh Battery. Our top quality coin cell battery are based on years of research and development and under the guideline of ISO9001-2000 quality system and CE and UL certified.

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    Uniden Bt-905 1800mah Nimh Battery

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Uniden Bt-905 1800mah Nimh Battery Description :

Uniden Bt-905 1800mah Nimh Battery Wholesle
Chemistry : NiMH
Voltage: 3.6 V
Capacity: 1800MAH
Condition: 100% New
Compatible Battery for Uniden Cordless Phone
Old type battery using NICD 600mAH, however, NICD will cause memory effect and low capacity, Now, user can select our battery for NIMH which is No Memory Effect and High Capacity with 1800Mah
Replacement for Uniden BT-905 Battery

Suitable for the cordless phone using BT-905 Battery: B300 B300A B900 B1000 BA300 BA300A EHD-1200 EP-200 EX-300 EX-500 EX-900 EX-905 EX-925 EX-945 EX-965 EX-1000 EX-2100 EX-3100 EX-3101 EX-3102 EX-3800 EX-3810 EX-4000 EX-4100 EX-4101 EX-4102 EX-4112 EX-4500 EX-4800 EX-5000 EX-6000 EX-7000 EX-7500 EX-7700 EX-8050 EXA-915 EXA-918 EXA-950 EXA-2950 EXA-2955 EXA-3955 EXA-7950 EXA-7980I EXA 8955 EXAI-91B EXAI-98D EXAI-790 EXAI-918 EXAI-9181 EXAI-2980 EXAI-7980I EXAI-79801 EXAI-9780 EXI-916 EXI-917 EXI-960 EXI-975 EXI2965 EXI-7926 EXI-7960 EXI-8965 EXAI-8985 EXL-8900 EXL-8901 EXL-8945 EXLI-8962 EXLA-8950 EXP-91 EXP-91S EXP-92 EXP-905 EXP-950A EXP-7900 EXP-7901 EXP-7902 EXP-7904 EXS-2080 EXS-9005 TRU-341 TRU-346 TRU-348 TRU-546 TRU-348 TRU-3465 TRU-3485

Uniden Bt-905 1800mah Nimh Battery Package included:

1 x Uniden Bt-905 1800mah Nimh Battery