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15 LED White Light Torch

    We are professional enterprise manufacturer & supplier of a complete range of Light Torch.Our top quality 15 LED White Light Torch are based on years of research and development and under the guideline of ISO9001-2000 quality system and CE and UL certified.

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15 LED White Light Torch Description :

Your great assistant in the darkness, super bright
Extensive LED lifetime, high intensity 15 ultra LED white bright light the latest generation
Suitable for home maintenance, outdoor activities, hiking, map reading, night fishing, night flying, camping, sailing, caving, hunting etc

The unique design with compass, you can distinguish the right direction and not get lost with the compass
Press the compass button at the back of the torch and the light will be bright
The led's firing time till 100,000 hours of operation
Less wattage and high light output
15 LED bulbs produce ultra strong and bright white light can be seen from one miles away
Battery: 3pcs x AAA battery (will not be included)
Color: black
Attention: Do not watch directly in the leds which can hurt your eyes

15 LED White Light Torch Package included:

1 X 15 LED White Light Torch